3D Body scan


The Fit3D 3D Body Scanner safely, privately, and accurately allows you to capture and track valuable data such as circumference messurements, body composition, posture analytics, weight, balance and more on your way to reaching your wellness and body shape goals. Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitations virtual 3D body scanner uses 3 high fidelity depth sensing cameras, adjustable handles alongside a 4 point balance scale for uncomparible stability and accuracy, AI predictions with DXA technology to design a robust wellness algorithms along with key academic research partners. Your results are displayed to you in a simple yet detailed format with lifetime cloud access so that you can continue to track your progress long term. Scans are available as an indivudal single service to all who are interested, you do not have to. bea member or personal training client of Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitation to make an appointment.

3D Body scan


  • Builds a detailed 3D virtual avatar of your body
  • Overlap and compare before and after avatars
  • Offers a comprehensive posture analysis
  • Accurately measures body composition (body fat/ muscle mass)
  • Tracks total body circumference measurements based off landmarkers
  • Assess balance and weight distribution through your feet
  • Scores your body shape rating and total fitness level based off your age, ethnicity, height and overall results from your scan.
  • Store your results within the safe and secure online portal, with the ability to log in and access your results from anywhere, on any device at anytime.
3D Body scan


Step 1 – Book an appointment online or by calling our clinic directly.

Step 2 – Set up an account, then our team will breif you on how to execute the scan safely and accurately before giving you privacy in our dedicated room.

Step 3 – Take the scan, after logging into the tablet the scan itself will only take around 35 seconds to complete.

Step 4 – Recieve and review your results, our team will break down your scan in detail helping you understand all metrics and data available.

Step 5 – Create a plan to improve your body composition, posture, balance and more. Complete the plan for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before scheduling another scan to compare your results. If you need help creating an action plan, our team of physiotherapists, personal trainers and kinesiologists would be happy to help you.

Starting January 2024 our Fit3D scans as well as VALD Performance Testing will be included in all Personal Training packages. Please contact our reception desk if you have any questions.

3D Body scan