What Types of Services Does an Affordable Personal Trainer Offer?

An affordable personal trainer can provide services to a variety of different people. Here at Genuine Athletics, our clients range from athletes, law enforcement, actors, entrepreneurs, health care professionals, office workers and stay at home moms. Regardless of who you are and what you're currently capable of, you will be treated with respect and as a valued member of our Genuine Athletics community. We intend to not only embrace you as a client, but also a friend providing an encouraging and team-like atmosphere for people of all fitness levels.

One on one personal training is designed to help you achieve all of your fitness goals, whether they be trying to get stronger, trying to run a marathon and/or trying to lose weight. One of the common misconceptions about an affordable personal trainer is that they can only help you to work out. We offer many different types of services to help you with all of your goals.

We offer both one on one personal training and affordable personal trainer working in a group setting who offer a variety of services. Some of the many services that we provide to our community include personal training, online coaching, group training, team training, customized training programs, personalized meal plans and customized mobility and stability regiment. We also allow you to select from a male or female trainer to ensure that you are completely comfortable as you work out with us.

Whoever you are and whatever your fitness goals are, we at Genuine Athletics can help you to achieve the help of our affordable personal trainer and one on one personal training services. When you are ready to reach your fitness goals, reach out to us to get started.