Visualization is a strong tool and the brain, as corny and cliché as it may sound, is by far the strongest muscle you possess. So visualize often and make your goals crystal clear. Your goals are important to you and it doesn’t matter how big or small it may seem. Maybe you want to lean out before an upcoming vacation, wedding or have the desire to step on stage or the platform and compete. Have a firm goal and believe that you can make it happen by building your foundation for success. Ultimately, you will need to hold yourself accountable.

Our habits determine who we really are, we are what we continuously do. Time is precious and we hope to use our education and experience to not only get you in the best shape of your life, but reach it a lot sooner than you ever could alone. Have you ever heard “Rome was not built in a day”, well good sustainable fitness results won’t happen overnight either. Be patient, you’ve spent years repeating bad behaviors. It’s going to take years to build good ones.

Start setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and you will be well on your way to success!

S – specific – what exactly are you aiming to achieve?

M – measurable – how will you know once you have reached your goal?

A – attainable – is your goal realistic to achieve? 

R – relevant – does this goal align with your morals and values?

T – time driven – when will you accomplish this goal?

If you would like help setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and creating an action plan, we suggest setting up a strategy call with one of our certified personal trainers or online fitness coaches. This consultation is free of charge as we dive deep into your history and help you game plan for the future.

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Author – Jason Bell – Owner of Genuine Athletics

Author – Jason Bell – Owner of Genuine Athletics