What is ICBC Active Rehab? – Kinesiology SSWR
What is ICBC Active Rehab? – Kinesiology SSWR
What is ICBC Active Rehab? – Kinesiology SSWR

What is ICBC Active Rehab?

Active rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy designed to help you reduce pain, increase range of motion and restore strength through movement. After your accident, active rehab is the “final lap” of your recovery, administred by a registered Kinesiologist. If you’re suffering from injury or pain after a car crash, perhaps you’re already seeking physiotherapy, chiropratic and/or massage treatment. Active rehab can be the perfect compliment to your routine. Oftentimes your physiotherapist will recommend beginning an active rehab program after several physiotherapy sessions too assist your rate of recovery, and safely strengthening your body after injury.

The main goal of a Kinesiology session is to help you regain function and return to regular life activities. If you have an injury or disability that has kept you from enjoying all that life has to offer. Our professional Kinesiologists will collaborate with your healthcare team to assist with recovery from acute or chronic injury or post-surgical rehabilitation. Providing you with a customized recovery plan to ensure you are back on track quickly and safely.

What is ICBC Active Rehab? – Kinesiology SSWR

We Direct bill ICBC for Active Rehab!

You are pre approved up to 12 weeks from the date of your accident for 12 half hour sessions. This means we can schedule you in immediately and start working on your recovery plan. No doctors note required, it is not mandatory to see a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor prior to starting ICBC Active Rehab.

If your claim is from outside 12 weeks, we will contact your adjuster directly to get approval before we start.

Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitation offers direct billing to ICBC meaning you pay nothing out of pocket!

What is ICBC Active Rehab? – Kinesiology SSWR

Common Injuries, Symptoms & Conditions after your Accident

Some of the most common injuries, symptoms and conditions that we have recognized with our clients after a motor vehicle accident are (but not limited to) Whiplash, Concussions, Vertigo, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Arm Pain, Shoulder Pain, Leg Pain, Sprains & Strains, Bruising & Tenderness, Acute Inflammation, Muscle Weakness and Dizziness. If you have suffered any the above or other in a motor vehicle accident, we can help. Our BCAK (British Columbia Association of Kinesiology) practicing Kinesiologists (human movement specialists) will work with you to identify your joint limitations, muscular imbalances and help you get back to the activities you love in the safest and most effective way possible.

Getting started with Active Rehab

Step 1 – Contact us directly either by completing the short intake form on our home page or by calling our reception desk during operational hours.

Step 2 – We collect some basic information including your claim number from ICBC, adjuster’s contact information (name, phone number, email) and the contact information for your lawyer or occupational therapist, if retained.

Step 3 – We start your treatment and the road to recovery! Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitation will bill the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) directly, meaning you pay nothing out of pocket.

Yes, it is that simple. Once you start, you will have full access to our 8000sqft state of the art private studio gym/clinic located in Building B within the Windsor Square Plaza in South Surrey/ White Rock.

What is ICBC Active Rehab? – Kinesiology SSWR