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Voted the number 1 personal trainers in  Surrey by Consumers Choice, Community Votes, Distinguished Teachings and Canadian Choice Awards. Our results speak for themselves, with over 300 positive 5 stars google reviews from our satisfied customers. Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitation is British Columbias largest private training studio and wellness centre. With a diverse client base that come from all walks of life and experience levels. Our expert certified personal trainers custom tailor your routine to fit your life style while helping you achieve results that will blow your friends away!

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Personal Training South Surrey


  • Motivation & accountability
  • Custom training program
  • Personalized nutrition plan & supplement guidance
  • Complete access to our 8000sqft gym & its ammenties on training days
  • Optional private gym membership (Personal Training clients only)
  • Access to our mobile app with video tutorials created by our team for each and every exercise.
  • Genuine Athletics t-shirt or hoodie
  • Fit3D virtual body scans
  • VALD Performance assessments & injury prevention analytics
  • Payment Plans Available for most packages
Personal Training South Surrey


Most of our personal training packages include Fit3D 3D Body Scans. Safely, privately, and accurately capture and track valuable data such as circumference messurements, body composition, posture analytics, weight, balance and more on your way to reaching your wellness and body shape goals. Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitations virtual 3D body scanner uses 3 high fidelity depth sensing cameras, adjustable handles alongside a 4 point balance scale for uncomparible stability and accuracy, AI predictions with DXA technology to design a robust wellness algorithms along with key academic research partners. Your results are displayed to you in a simple yet detailed format with lifetime cloud access so that you can continue to track your progress long term. Also allowing your personal trainer to adjust your program to best suit your personal needs and desires.

Personal Training South Surrey


Most of our personal training packages include VALD Force Plate & Frame assessments. Accurately evaluate performance and recovery in real time as we test how strong and stable every muscle, joint and ligament performs individually and how they compare to the opposite side. This provides your personal trainer with unparalleled insight into your strength and performance potential while also helping us prevent injury or recover from injuries faster by combating asymmetries. VALD assessments offers valuable and accurate data that can help individuals of all ages and experience levels achieve faster results and stay healthier long term. For all severe injuries, aches or pains we often reccomend using your extended medical benefits with one of our qualified in house healthcare professionals (physio/chiro/rmt etc..).

THE COMPOUNDING EFFECT – The little things matter


At Genuine Athletics & Rehabilitation we aim to go above and beyond your expectations and have full trust in the knowledge and experience of our team. All of our personal trainers go through a detailed onboarding and constantly work alongside our physiotherapists, chiropractors and more learning from them along the way. We have invested into top of the line equipment and technology to give you the very best chance of achieving success. Learn how to get more out of your workouts as your trainer guides you every step of the way. We genuinely care about your best interest, taking on the responsibility as your partner throughout the entirety of your fitness journey. Helping you plan ahead and prepare to overcome any potential obstacle that come your way as you work towards improving your technique, strength, endurance and mobility. We aim to go above and beyond your expectations and look forward to working with you soon!








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Personal Training South Surrey
Personal Training South Surrey
Personal Training South Surrey
Personal Training South Surrey
Personal Training South Surrey

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Cynthia and Genuine Athletics. She’s an exceptional coach and the environment & culture at Genuine Athletics is as welcoming and inviting as one could hope for when starting their fitness journey. From day one, Cynthia has been motivating and professional. Her tailored workouts and guidance have helped me achieve my fitness goals faster than I ever thought possible. I started at the end of April 2023 and now going into September 2023 I’m down 30lbs, eating more than I was and feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt. Cynthia not only excels in the gym but also provides valuable advice on nutrition and overall well-being. I can feel that she truly cares about her clients’ success. If you’re looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer I highly recommend Cynthia!”

Client Testimonial - Justine

“All of the trainers here are very knowledgeable and love what they do. Combined with all the high quality equipment that they have (can cater to powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding and strength & conditioning as well as boxing/kickboxing) this is an excellent place to train, learn and grow. Jason, the gym owner, is one of the strongest people in Canada (a professional strongman) also has achievements in bodybuilding and field sports which i find super inspiring. I also appreciate how they have integrated the physiotherapy clinic as it gave me the opportunity to set up my mother on a path to living a healthier life by starting with physiotherapy before seeing a personal trainer. Whether you are looking for a personal trainer, group classes or other you can’t do much better than this gym.”

Client Testimonial - Omar

“I’ve been training with Satty for a month now, and initially, I was intimidated to reach out because I thought Genuine Athletics was only for advanced people. But I could not be more wrong as I have now realized their is a diverse community of people from all experience levels working towards becoming their best self. Satveer is exactly what i have been looking for in a trainer and I could not be happier. He really takes the time to make sure that his programming is client centered. He listens to your goals, identifies your needs, and works with you at your own pace. Given his no-nonsense approach and experience, he can respond to any of your questions with sound reasoning. This guy knows what he is talking about! Highly recommend him! Just want to say thank you to the Genuine Athletics Team and Jason who are always so welcoming, and have created such a friendly and motivating environment to train in!

Client Testimonial - Neeha

Step 1 – We Listen & Learn

After completing your registration form we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a free consultation where we will listen to your wants, needs and expectations before offering advice on the best course of action.

Step 2 – We Assess & Address

Your trainer will take you through strategic assessment with our VALD Performance technology and Fit3D Body Scanner to measure your strength, coordination, body composition and more before designing your custom program.

Step 3 – We Work Together

Your personal trainer will mentor you through your workouts, help you overcome personal barriers and educate you on the right nutrition for your body. Adjusting your routine based off your feedback and communication.

Step 4 – You Boss Up

Personal training is a give and take relationship, your best efforts are required to achieve optimal results. By taking ownership of your routine you become empowered to sustain the results you achieve long term. Protecting your investment while you make better living a life style.

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