5 Focus Points to Improving Your Squat

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The Squat - You’ve been practicing it since before you could walk. Maybe not with a barbell on your back but bio-mechanically everyone should be capable of performing a pain free squat. Whether your goal is to run faster, jump higher, pack on muscle or just to sit down and stand up comfortably. Improving your squat can help you reach your goals.

1️⃣ Mobility – The squat is multi-joint, multi-muscle movement requiring flexion of the knees, hips and ankles with a neutral spine. Take your time to assess your body before adding external load to pin point certain areas that may need more attention. 2️⃣ Stability – There is no sense in trying to stabilize a joint that cannot move. However, many people spend so much time trying to mobilize that they neglect the fact that stability must be layered on top. Consider this to be like foreplay before the real action starts. 3️⃣ Breathing – Your body is equipped with its own natural belt. When your diaphragm pushes down, your pelvic floor, abdominals and posterior chain stabilizers push back creating stability transferring throughout your entire body. As your warming, up work on controlling your breathing and visualizing the task at hand. 4️⃣ Technique – Not everyone will squat the same due to individual leverages, strength and weaknesses. Break it down and start approaching the movement with the intent to improve. Consider lowering the weight and utilize variations such as tempo or pause squats to re-build your foundation, prevent injury and improve your performance long term. 5️⃣ Practice –With every rep of every set your focus should be on replicating and practicing good habits making them second nature. From the barbell to your max squat to your full range of motion EVERY TIME. Last but not least, dominate the weight. Lacking confidence is one of the most common mistakes I witness when watching people attempt a challenging weight. Get under the bar knowing the rep is yours and own it.

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