Recovering From an Injury

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Lets K.I.S.S. 😘 Now if you did not know this stands for keep it simple stupid, you may have gotten the wrong impression. But when you are recovering for an injury, it is important to not return to work, sport or training before your body has recovered and is ready. But how do you truly know when you are ready? We have used the following method to actively engage with our clients along their road to recovery. After choosing the right exercise for our client, we suggest they perform only one set for five reps with a five second pause in the greatest point of tension. Based off your self-management test you will then increase the total volume. Once you have managed to stick within a "Good Soreness" range for a few weeks you may slowly return to your routine.

Client Self-Management to Assess Pain, Progress & Recovery Soreness Test will be rated every 24 hours and determine the intensity of your discomfort and whether it is joint or muscle specifically. Good Soreness – Is a happy reminder of your workout and is less than a 4/10 – No Pain Bad Soreness – May affect the quality of your life and body movements. 5-6/10 – No Pain Pain – Dramatically affects the quality of your life and body movements causing discomfort at rest 7-10/10

What to Do Next Good Soreness – Progress to the next stage (increase reps, sets or weight) Bad Soreness – Rest and repeat the same volume/ intensity/ frequency the following week Pain – Stop and rest for 24 hours or more, if this continues contact your coach or doctor directly

We suggest creating a graph chart or using your calendar to track your daily progress, assess the level of pain accurately.

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