That time of the month!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

“SHE’s here.”, “It’s THAT time.” “CODE RED.” Whatever you call it we have all got a name for our PERIOD and it is not something women are thrilled about…. Unless you do not wanting any little humans. Now being a female trainer, I feel that I’m in a position where I can help education my client and community about sensitive subjects such as that time of the month. I know many women go through this differently and not everyone will be at their 100% but that is OKAY. Even if it is being a little active, something is better than nothing, and you cannot take a week off every month for the rest of your life. Do not get me wrong you will have times where you feel like complete and udder death, but your health should be a priority. I’m not saying if you feel like death you should train as hard as an professional athlete but push within your limits.

There are many physical benefits of exercising while you have your period. When sticking with your fitness routine, you can help ease some of those uncomfortable situations. Here is just a handful of different benefits.

1) Physical activity can decrease the symptoms of PMS – when physical exercise is being preformed there is a chemical release that occurs in our bodies called “Endorphins”; These interact with our receptors in our brain and cause a positive feeling in our bodies. For example, when people say they get “runners high” this is associated with our endorphins.

2) Help reduce bloating – bloating on your period is usually an occurrence of lack of water, it is very common to not want to drink anything when you already feeling bloated. Drinking more water helps regulate our electrolytes such as sodium stabilizing your levels within your digestive track. By stay active your able to intake more water.

3) Lighten flow – exercise can reduce common period symptoms even while your menstruating. In addition, it can aid in reducing the heaviness of your flow by managing your weight and body fat percentage. By being able to maintain a lower level of body fat you have a better chance of maintain of having a lighter period.

Remember we are all different and need to listen to our bodies when it comes to that time of the month, but do not let your goals sit on the back burner because of this. There are many modifications or alternatives and “you can always make it work.”

If you feel lost and do not know where to start with your fitness, I provide face to face personal training and remote online coaching for women of all ages and fitness levels. Feel free to check out my instagram @CoachCalleaRoque our team page @GenuineAthletics or email me directly with any questions you have!

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