Hyperice Hypervolt Plus+

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus+



The new and improved Hypervolt Plus was built to reinvent the massage experience, giving everyone the ability to Move Better. Featuring our lightweight durable ergonomic design you can activate, soothe or loosen muscles on-the-go.


01  Quiet Glide Technology

Whisper quiet percussion device. Featuring our patented Quiet Glide ™ technology.

02  Control Your Hypervolt Plus

Pair your Hypevolt Bluetooth device, begin a routine and let the HyperSmart™ technology do the thinking. The speed can automatically adjust to follow along with a guided routine.

03  Personalized Treatment

5 Interchangeable head attachments, which can be interchanged for a customized massage. (Flat, Cushion, Fork, Bullet, Ball).

04  3 Speed Settings

Choose between 3 speed settings (30Hz ,40Hz, 53Hz). Delivers up to 3200 percussions per minute.

05  Maximum Vibration

Features a high-torque 90 W motor and three adjustable speed settings, allowing you to choose the appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain.

06  Pressure Sensor

The built-in pressure sensor technology gives visual feedback throughout your massage process, to ensure your therapeutic sessions are more accurate

07  Up To 2.5 Hours of Use Per Charge

24V rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Promotes Muscle Relaxation

01 Release Tension

The high-intensity vibration allows you to release tension and target areas deeper than a traditional foam roller.

02 Relieve Normal Muscle Pain

03 Promotes Stress Management

04 Promotes Muscle Relaxation

05 Better Massage Experience

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