Synergee Regional Barbell - 20kg Hard Chrome

Synergee Regional Barbell - 20kg Hard Chrome

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The Synergee Regional Bar is our best-selling barbell. It is a no nonsense, get-er-done type of bar and an incredible deal for home gyms and commercial facilities alike.

You get to choose between Black Phosphate or Hard Chrome coatings for your steel bar(s). With 10 needle bearings (5 per sleeve), the Regional Bar has got an impressive spin and is perfect for workouts that include Olympic lifts. This bar has a tensile strength rating of 190 000 psi and 1500 lb capacity (a 500 lb increase from the Synergee Open Bar) so you can depend on it for all your workouts no matter the weight. With a 1.2 mm diamond knurl, it’s got the perfect amount of grip.

We know the Synergee Regional Bar is awesome because we use it everyday. More times than not, when we are working in the office, there is someone the next room over squatting or snatching or pressing or lunging – and, of course, dropping – a Synergee Regional Bar. And that “someone” could even be a staff member! We hear their grunts of exertion, their cheers when they hit a lift, and the sweet music of thuds and clangs in between; and we’re not worried! Because we know our bars can stand whatever our athletes throw at them.



This bar can handle whatever quick turn-overs you perform! You won’t find any bushings here – we’ve got 5 needle bearings per sleeve (10 total) to give you a smooth, reliable spin for each and every one of your reps.



The Synergee Regional Barbell comes in Hard Chrome or Black Phosphate. It gives the bar a sleek, clean look while protecting the steel from oxidation and wear. End caps and silicon rings look great and allow you to identity bars easily by color – Bumper Plate Blue for 20kg and Yellow for 15kg.



To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, all barbells are packaged in a thick cardboard tubing. The packaging is topped off with a special end cap that is tough enough to survive shipping, but is easily removed for unpackaging. As a bonus, each bar is wrapped in an anti-corrosion bag.


Returns: We do take returns and Buyer pays return shipping.

Order Cancellations: We can cancel an order if it is before it ships, our system is automated so there is a short time to cancel orders before they are fulfilled. Because of this we ask the drop shipper to order with caution to save the drop shipper time and money.

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