Synergee Rhino Powerlifting Barbell

Synergee Rhino Powerlifting Barbell

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Unleash the Beast with our Synergee Rhino Bar. This bar performs superbly under pressure – 190K PSI, to be exact. It weighs a solid 45 lbs and has a 29 mm diameter. It is intentionally built to withstand your heaviest lifting sessions so you can lift, drop, repeat until your body becomes engrained with your gains.

Our Steel Bar has a Cerakote-coated shaft and Black Phosphate sleeves, giving it a tough as nails, no-nonsense look. This bar is meant for a serious lifter – it has aggressive (but not sharp) volcano knurling, center knurling, and one set of powerlifting marks. It is rigid, has little whip, but still exhibits a smooth spin.

With 16.40” sleeves and a maximum load rating of 1500 lbs, the Synergee Rhino Bar is designed to withstand your heavy training sessions and help you become strong as heck.



The Rhino Bar is different from our Open, Regional, and Games barbells because it is stiffer, has less flex, is made with bushings rather than bearings. This bar is made for lifters who see each day as an opportunity to get stronger, and go to sleep dreaming of PRs. It was designed and constructed by athletes, so you know it’s got everything you need to crush your next meet.



Cerakote is SO HOT RIGHT NOW -- and for good reason! Our Rhino Bar bears a cerakote finish. The Rhino bar is also covered in Volcanic Knurling for an aggressive grip. Deadlift, squat, and press with a bar that will last rep after rep.



To prevent unnecessary damage during shipping, all barbells are packaged in a thick cardboard tubing. The packaging is topped off with a special end cap that is tough enough to survive shipping, but is easily removed for unpackaging. As a bonus, each bar is wrapped in an anti-corrosion bag.


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