Synergee Squat Rack V2

Synergee Squat Rack V2

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Presenting: Synergee’s Squat Rack, Version 2! The same promise of affordability and high quality, with a few upgraded features from Version 1.

The Synergee V2 Squat Rack is fully equipped to get you through a challenging squat session safely. It boasts a 750 lb weight capacity, and it is outfitted with a 14-gauge steel frame, J cups, AND a pull up bar. Plus, the red vertical posts and black horizontal bars make this gear functional and attractive.

This Squat Rack will aid you with more exercises beyond squatting: it includes a pull up bar, and its steel beams are 2x3 to make it compatible with most accessories. And yes, it is still covered by our awesome No Sweat Policy!

The Synergee Squat Rack stands 92" tall and has a 48" x 48" base. The entire frame is welded with gussets to add extra-reinforced stability; and all open frame ends are capped to make it extra safe. Bolting to the floor is not necessary but encouraged for any athletes planning to do kipping pull ups and muscle ups regularly. Floor mounting brackets are available for purchase separately.



The Synergee Squat Rack V2 comes with (2) J Cups (i.e. one pair). J Cups are lined with a layer of plastic to avoid metal on metal contact and protect your barbell. These J Cups have a 750 lb weight capacity and provide a 3.2" shelf to cradle your barbell.



This free-standing Squat Rack is sturdy, thanks to our smart frame design. The base connects to the vertical posts with multiple anchor points, creating a stronghold that allows you to squat confidently. Assembly is quick and straightforward, and the additional bolts we integrated into the design provide increased stability!



The Pull Up bar provides 42” of bar space with a 32 mm diameter for Pull Ups, Resistance Band work, setting up Gymnastic Rings, Muscle Ups, and more! This essential component must be installed on your Squat Rack, as it provides balance to the Stand. It can hold 750lbs.



The Synergee Squat Rack is fitted with 5/8" holes spaced 2 inches apart. This allows you to set your J Cups at the perfect height for your workout’s specific needs. There are also 7 different options for your Pull-Up Bar, so you can set it at a height that suits you best!



The bottom of the Rack is fitted with leveling feet that lift the Rack just slightly off the ground to reduce the effect of uneven flooring. These feet add stability and the 4 points of contact protect your floors. Your rack will sit securely and safely on your gym floor through every squat, press, and pull-up!



Our Rack is welded with precision to provide a stable 48" x 48" base. We added an extra brace support to the base of our Rack so you can lift heavy weights with confidence. Our model smashes the competition with a 750 lb weight capacity: only the strongest and safest gear for our Synergee Athletes!



Our Synergee Floor Mounts are a great addition for the Synergee Squat Rack V2 for any athlete who plans to regularly perform dynamic gymnastics movements on the pull up bar.With these Floor Mounting Feet, you’ll be putting your safety first. Add a layer of stability and confidence to your workout with this 5 mm thick steel suited to do just that.The metal sits against your Rack 2.25” x 11.5” and bends at a right angle to also sit against the floor at 2.25” x 11.5”. Each order comes with 4 mounts that Frame the outside of your rack: two at the front, two at the back.We include bolts for attaching the mounts onto the Rack, as well as the anchors for mounting to cement. We have a manual available for download on our website to guide you through each step & get it done.



The packaging on our Squat Rack V2 is comprehensive... and that is an understatement! Layers upon layers of cardboard hold the individual components of your Squat Rack separately and securely to prevent unnecessary damage during shipping. Each cardboard box is tough enough to survive shipping, reinforced with layers of styrofoam, and it can all be easily removed for unpackaging. These layers ensure your Squat Rack V2 is protected during transit and ready for squats upon arrival!


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