Bea Ferreira – Clinical Counsellor

Bea Ferreira

I knew from a young age that I had a calling to help people, starting with a biology undergraduate degree, I was interested in the body, emotional processing, the brain and the connection between them.

Why does emotional pain feel like physical pain? Being exposed to psychology during my undergraduate, I soon realized my passion and calling was to help people with the process of emotionally healing the body and mind connection.

I am a strong believer in our resilience as human beings and strive to help those struggling to find their way by attentively listening, understanding, and providing tools to not only overcome shame, fear, pain and discouragement but succeed and thrive through mental growth and change.

I create a non-judgmental and inclusive environment where I meet clients exactly where they are at in their process using a person-centred approach. I highly value whatever my clients bring to the table being that as human beings, our stories and paths are as unique and dynamic as we are.

I am versed in providing individualized tools to those seeking a change in their life, overcoming addiction, maladaptive behaviour, or mental limitations, by motivating them through whatever is consuming and holding them back from being the best possible version of themselves.