Cynthia Hackett – Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Cynthia Hackett

Exercise, sports and healthy nutrition became a passion of mine from a very young age. Even filming my first exercise video when I was ten years old with my Mother. Once I noticed the life changing impact fitness had on my physical, emotional and psychological well-being I was knew I was destined to be a fitness coach.

After working in the industry for the last 2.5 years, and starting with Genuine Athletics in the beginning of 2022 its been SO rewarding. I love empowering women and give them the knowledge and tools to help change their relationship with their nutrition, their exercise habits and ultimately their life. In my mind, eating to fuel your body and your mind should never feel like a chore.

Exercise should be fun. Taking care of your body should make you feel good. I always have fun training my clients. Apply to get your chance to be on my roster.