Gavin Dorey – Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Gavin Dorey

Sports have been a part of my life since I was young, this drove me into the weight room at a young age tinkering with exercises to find that edge whether it was speed, strength, agility or anything else to increase my capabilities.

That said as I have aged out of my sports career, mobility and corrective exercises have been a new found passion for myself as I struggled to recover from numerous injuries from head to toe.

I have been certified as a personal trainer at the international sports science association and I am continuing my studies at Douglas College in their sports science program and continue to push myself to try new exercises and activities inside and out of the gym.

My coaching comes from a place of caring and compassion but I will push you to your limits to help you reach that level of fitness you’ve always dreamt about!

Whether you’re looking for a new bench press PR or simply to keep up with your kids or grandkids I will help equip you with the lifelong skills to not only reach but crush those goals, so what are you waiting for?