Jessica Kalynchuk – Personal Trainer & Online Coach


My passion for fitness began in the early years of my Kinesiology degree when I realized the importance of taking care of your body in your everyday life.

After experiencing how life-changing regular exercise was, I decided I had to share this with others. Throughout my years as a personal trainer, I’ve become aware of the negative effects of diet culture on society.

I became so passionate about it that I started a fundraiser to help those that struggle with their relationship with food. This has inspired me to make fitness goals as sustainable as possible for my clients.

By using the knowledge I acquire in my own time and in my degree, listening closely, and treating with care and purpose, I work hard to build a strong alliance with each of my clients to ultimately get them the life they want.

My passion lies in empowering my clients to take control of their health and giving them the tools and education to obtain their goals.