We take your success personally!

Everyones journey, ambitions and barriers are unique, but the story may still resonate with someone else and inspire them to make a healthy lifestyle change. Which is why we are so greatful for our satisfied customers that gave us permission to share their experince.

Life Style & Weight Loss

Jas has lost 85 pounds since retiring from the CFL

Kelsey lost 35 pounds after a long post-partum recovery

Spencer list over 65 pounds transitioning from lineman to linebacker

“Highly recommend the Genuine Athletics Team! Everyone I have spoken with is very knowledgeable with nutrition and injuries and I personally appreciate how they preach the positive impact exercise has on mental health. I have never looked at myself with pride until I had met Jason and learned to notice all the little changes my body was making by building muscle and losing body fat. He made me feel very comfortable, and come out of my shell and not hide behind my clothes. He kept me motivated and plated seeds in my head for the rest of my life that has only a healthy impact on me and my entire family.”

Sandeep T.

Competitive Bodybuilding & Physique

Talvir placed 2nd in his first Classic Physique Show

Ashley placed 3rd at the Vancity Showdown

Harry Placed 2nd in his first Physique show

“Getting back into the gym after a severe lower back injury was intimidating and difficult which lead to weight gain and further issues. After being referred to Jason, he analyzed my posture, diet and habits, combined with his wealth of knowledge with the understanding of human anatomy and movement. He got me back on track and helped strengthen my body while eliminating virtually all of my back issues. He modified my diet with a sustainable approach and I am in the best shape of my life. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Jason and his team!”

Sokha E.

Competitive Powerlifting

Sue is the provincial master 1 squat, deadlift and total records holder

Karan, Avdeep and Gavyn won gold in their first competition

Sean and Nick broke massive personal records on the platform

“This is seriously the nicest gym I’ve ever worked out at. The equipment is all Rogue and there’s so many cool machines I’ve never gotten the opportunity to use at another gym. The all black aesthetic makes the gym absolutely gorgeous too, they did a phenomenal job setting it all up. Customer service is a 10/10 they treat you like family when you go in, Jason and the team are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Definitely would recommend Genuine Athletics to everyone I know! Simply put, we are obsessed with Genuine Athletics.”

Sophia C.

Coaches Transformations

Coach Mike cut over 30 pounds for his bodybuilding show

Coach Callea lost 15 pounds leading up to her vacation

Coach Jason dropped over 25 pounds transitioning between strongman and powerlifting

“I’ve been training with Genuine Athletics since February of 2020. I had my son May 2019. I had extreme nerve damage in both my legs from birthing my son. Also suffered from postpartum depression for 7 months after birth. My trainer built me back up stronger than ever! I can do lunges, squats, heavy hip thrusts and most of all carry my son without struggling. I went from sleeping on the couch for months because I couldn’t go up and down my stairs or on and off my bed to crushing personal set goals. After shredding off the baby weight I look better than ever! Genuine Athletics trainers are sweet, knowledgeable and professional. I can honestly say these people are my family now. I am thankful for Genuine Athletics!”

Felisia M.

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