5 Focus Points to Improving Your Deadlift

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Sometimes the fastest way to move forward is to take a few steps back so that you can build a strong foundation. Remember, their is no one perfect technique and you do not need to over complicate things. If you want to get better at deadlifting, you have to practice deadlifting. Spend your time building strength not testing it. Once you have a decent baseline you can start attacking your sticking points with different variations. Your coach will assist you in finding what works best for your body and skillset when it comes to programming. For the record, these cues apply to both sumo and conventional pullers! 1️⃣Pull the slack out of the bar - start by squeezing the bar as hard as you can. This will prime your CNS allowing you to recruit more muscle. Using your torso, pull upwards against the bar eliminating the millimeter of room between the shaft and collars. 2️⃣Engage your Lats - think about trying to hold a piece of paper between your arms and armpits. Aggressively pull the bar towards your body while keeping your shoulders as depressed as possible. This will allow you to keep the bar tight to your body skimming it on the way up keeping a fluent bar path. 3️⃣Be patient - how you initiate the lift can make or break your deadlift. Focus on filling your torso with air, bracing your core and keeping a neutral spine. When your ready, dominate the movement with proper technique, don’t just rip it off the floor. The longer you can lift for the stronger you will get, if your so sore after deadlifts you can’t lean over the next day without restriction your probably doing to much to soon. 4️⃣Drive your glutes forward - anatomically everyone will have their own set up position for sumo and conventional. Once you find what works for you, initiate the lift by driving your legs into the floor similar to a leg press. Think about using your back to maintain an efficient torso angle as the bar breaks the floor. Then drive that booty forward like your instagram crush is bending over looking back at you! Just don’t over exaggerate and hyper extend your lumbar spine. 5️⃣Don’t stop pulling - the iron doesn’t lie, once you up to the bar it’s on. Your already here, before you place your hands on the bar you better believe you have no choice but to finish what you started. Be explosive and make it happen.

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